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20 participants[display only players]

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Adults :20 / U18 : (including U12 : )
Fed.Last name First nameFriday PartnerRoom * VegetarianQualificationPaiementCompetitor  Age  Record
BAUMANNStefandoubleGIES Oliver23OKXAdata missing
EDERSteffendoubleFEHR Frank24OKXAdata missing
FALLERHansdoubleSTEINER ArminsingleOKOKXAdata missing
FEHRFrankdoubleMARTINS FERNANDES Carlos singleXOKOKXAdata missing
GIESOliverdoubleBAUMANN Stefan23OKXAdata missing
HOLTMANNSebastianTeam EventsingleOKOKXAdata missing
HURTIGAndreasdon't play21OKOKXAdata missing
JANßENThomasdoubleSCHNEIDER PaulsingleXOKOKXAdata missing
JÖRGJohannesTeam EventsingleOKOKXAdata missing
KAISERRonnydoubleSANDER Bernhard24OKOKXAdata missing
KRÜGERTobiasTeam Event58OKOKXAdata missing
PETERWolfgangdon't playsingleOKOKXAdata missing
RUSSOChristianTeam EventsingleOKOKXAdata missing
SABURNIDOMary Gracedon't play58OKAdata missing
SANDERBernharddoubleKAISER RonnysingleOKOKXAdata missing
SCHNEIDERArmindon't play21OKOKXAdata missing
SCHNEIDERPauldoubleJANßEN Thomas22OKOKXAdata missing
SCHNEIDERUwedon't play21OKOKXAdata missing
SEIBERTGunterdon't play22XOKAdata missing
STEINERArmindoubleFALLER Hans22in progressOKXAdata missing

* it's not the real room, but just a number which means players sleep together in the same bed ...hem, sorry... in the same room !
If you want to change your neighbour of bed, contact your national president. He will has the power to change that !