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Fed.Last name First nameFriday PartnerRoom * VegetarianQualificationPaiementRecord
BOLLINCarlitodon't playmissingin wait
MEYERJosefdon't playmissingin wait
HÜRLIMANNLorenzodon't playmissingin wait
BAUMGARTNERViktordon't playmissingin wait
KÄLINBeatdoublepartner missingmissingin waitdata missing
THOMASBarbaradoublepartner missingsinglein waitdata missing
DEWANGSORafidon't playmissingin wait
SCHERRERKurtdon't playsinglein waitdata missing
ILLIAndersdoublepartner missingmissingin waitdata missing

* it's not the real room, but just a number which means players sleep together in the same bed ...hem, sorry... in the same room !
If you want to change your neighbour of bed, contact your national president. He will has the power to change that !