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Rules : The Championship will be conducted in accordance with the current Laws of Carrom adopted by the ECC.

Umpiring : Umpiring will be in English.

Eligibility :
  • Only players permanently resident in Europe may enter singles and doubles.
  • For Team Event full European citizenship is required. For more details on eligibility please contact the organisers

    Equipment :
  • Synco boards and coins, brought by Carrom'Art, will be used
  • Potato starch as supplied by German Carrom Association.

    Entry : In order to remain within the limit of approximately 120 players, we will be initially accepting :
  • 18 players from each affiliated country
  • 6 from non - affiliates
  • 25/30 from host country

    Extra players can be entered on a waiting list and will be accepted on a first come first served basis as soon as submissions are received.